Choosing WordPress Theme that Fit on You

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A week ago, I had been looking for Free WordPress Themes that fit on my need. Of course if I have a bunch of money I can hire a WordPress theme designer like Jauhari :D . He released so many free WordPress themes and available for custom theme jobs.

I spent hours to find WordPress theme that close to my need so I do not need to spend time to custom it. It  was not easy to choose the best one. If you see many themes, you may not choose one of them because the next maybe better then the previous one.

Here are some points to check to choose a WordPress Theme that is closer with your need.


Color scheme is the very first thing you should consider before deciding to pick a WordPress theme. Why? Because it has a lot of role on the design. If you want to custom a color, then you have to adjust many other colors including images.


Layout or column also need an extra work if you want to custom it. Changing the size of sidebar and move the position need specific calculation in order to make it still accessible by many browsers.


You need to consider it because your target audience use different browsers. If it can not fit in many browsers you can try to fit to at least 3 or 4 major browsers.


Widget adds flexibility in arranging information block in your website. You do not need to edit theme file in order to change your information block.  You can do it by drag and drop.


Some WordPress themes need plugins to make them run well. If you are using the latest WordPress engine, then you should check whether the plugins are compatible with it.


There are a lot of sponsored free WordPress themes. A single theme can have more than one sponsored links. Do your best to find a free WordPress theme that is not much sponsored or only have its creator’s link. It maybe ridiculous if your site is about airplane service but sponsored by a coffin industry.

That’s all. I like my new custom theme.

Have you change your theme? What kind of criteria on choosing WordPress theme that fit on you? I would like to hear it from you as anybody does.

Written by Arief Fajar Nursyamsu
A blogger and now managing a SOHO company selling educational toys. I also run web development and content writing business. Blog and internet marketing as well as SEO are what I am doing a lot. Profile

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17 Replies to “Choosing WordPress Theme that Fit on You”

  1. hey there juhari..
    great tips you got there… about wordpress and creating or changing themes, that it wasn’t that hard as long as you know what to run it with…
    very nice..

  2. Well, its a pretty nice tip, and even i like to modify free theme available to make them suit perfectly accordingly my website or blog’s needs.

  3. Hi Ismail. Thanks for dropping by (again). I am a contributor of Jauhari.Net.
    You have an option to upgrade your WP.Com membership, into your own domain name. But still you will have to follow the TOS.
    If you want to start selling links on your blog, better if you buy a domain name and web hosting to install a WordPress powered blog. Just download WordPress blog engine from and follow its step by step instruction.

    If you need further help, you may join the discussion at WordPressRepublik.Com.


  4. :d Thanks mas arief Fajar or jauhari…. I still confused which name I should mention. But sorry I’m still new about hosting. You said: ” I can start my own self hosted wordpress powered blog”… You mean I upgrade my blog status to wordpress, is it? Or would you tell me the way? Thanks banget mas … salam sukses. Ismail

  5. Ismail, if your blog is hosted in WordPress.Com and willing to gain money from it, then you should aware about WordPress.Com’s term of services (TOS). If you have small money, I think it is better to start your own self hosted WordPress powered blog. It will give you much more flexibility, including theme custom, placing ads, and of course by selling links.
    I think with less then IDR 200.000 you can start your own self hosted blog.

    Good luck for you. Thanks for visiting.

  6. :) Hai Mas Jauhari, I’m Ismail from Indonesia. I read your dialog with mas Medhy aginta at Thanks for your tips about blogging and money blogging. I used wordpress too for my blog and This article is good to me for next if I choose a template for my blogs. would you tell how to change my blog status to be profesional blog not wordpress free anymore. I still don’t know how? How much I have to pay for domain and hosting?

  7. A good tip list. I always like to modify free themes as far as color choices, but it makes it so much easier when you can find the perfect theme to run with.

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