Codec for Windows Media player

After installing the operating system, you want to run some multimedia files, right? But when using Windows Media player, it turns out the file can not be executed, what’s the solution? By default, Windows 7 already has a multimedia player application file with the name of the Windows media player. But the capabilities of these applications are still limited. There are many multimedia files that should be run but not function when using this application. If you want to keep the application running optimally, you can add a couple codecs of the application.

window multimedia codec

Application that contains a collection of codecs for Windows media player is one Win7codecs. After installing the application, you will not get a new application. You keep using Windows Media Player, but after that will be running a variety of multimedia files with a more universal view. Of some applications, the functionality of Windows Media player can be in optimizing both the functions and features present in it.

Win7codecs consists of a variety of codec support that serves to enhance the Windows Media Player. In addition, its ability to run audio and video files more completely, you can also run streaming video to support a more complete format. Codecs that exist in this application we can install one by one, or as a whole. When the installation process is underway, usually you will have the option to determine what codec you want to run. But if you do not understand the existence of these codecs, you can simply select the installation as a whole because the codec is on the previous system would not be damaged if there is the latest installation of the application.

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