Complement the function of iTunes

iTunes is the only official app released by Apple to sync various Apple devices such as iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. But the function still has limitations. Therefore, present some other application developers to facilitate the user in completing the function of iTunes to be more flexible. On the iPhone, iPod, and iPad is already contained the basic functions to perform backups to the computer, but unfortunately the limitations of this function makes it less convenient to use.

With iBackupBot you can set the backup data easily and in accordance with the wishes of the user. In addition, you also can do some things you can not do iTunes, such as through the whole backup file and select it as required. You also can view, modify, and move the file using a text editor functions, database viewer, call history, and several other features.

Working with iTunes, iBackupBot available for the Windows version, and of course for Mac OS applications. Small enough file size allows us to run this application becomes much easier and does not interfere with the loading process on the computer. And if you’re interested in trying this application, some features are quite easy to use, especially if equipped with several high-tech mobile facilities.


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