Custom Physical buttons Can Be Used ini Android Smartphone

The current trend of smartphone design eliminates almost all physical buttons. This is because every company wants to provide large screen smartphone experience to its customers. Therefore, there are few Android smartphones equipped with physical buttons in some version.

best accessories for android smartphone

But if you want the existence of a physical button, can do so by purchasing accessories named Dimple. These accessories are useful to add four physical buttons whose functions can be arranged as you wish. For example, a button to take a photo or turn on the LED flash .

Dimple ‘s way of working is very simple, because it is actually not much different shape with a sticker with four buttons. Dimple can be affixed to the back of the phone and key functions can be set by an application that is available on Google Play. For operation, Dimple utilize NFC connectivity.

These accessories can be used on any true Android smartphone that has NFC features. But on the official website, Dimple was not able to be used on HTC and HTC M8. The reason is because the position of the antenna in both the smartphone.

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