Disguise Important Information into the Photo

photo sharingSending data in an insecure network would be very risky. Anyone will be able to easily hack the network and steal the existing messages, including financial information, passwords, or other important data. To secure data, you can encrypt data with a key and sends it to the key you want. Another way you can use stenography techniques that will hide the data into an image or images without having to change the image or photo.

This way, if the file you sent hijacked someone else, they will just see it as a regular image. Stag is one app that will hide your important files in a photo or image. Stag supports various image formats, including BMP, and TIFF. Stag operating system can be installed on windows XP, windows vista, windows 7 and windows 8. Download the app immediately Stag at the following address:

https://www.steg.drupalgardens.com/. Check out how to hide important files with Stag:

  1. Open an image or photo to be used as a medium to disguise important files. Once the drawing is loaded by the app, click the Options button to access all settings.
  2. In Stag window options, you will find two tabs, namely: common options and special options.
  3. Click the Common tab options to set options for dealing with all types of files. Ticks embed a text message to include text messages into an image. Determine the drop-down menu crypto mode, and enter the pass phrase. Do not forget to fill in the public key and a private key. Click the OK button to apply the settings you made.
  4. Click the tab to apply special options Stag settings on the media type you choose.
  5. To hide the data in the file, click on the menu hide the data. You can specify a wide range of files to be included into the image of your choosing. Click save, and then specify a location to save the image with encrypted files.
  6. The information that you hide can be extracted again by using the buttons located on the toolbar extract. When extracted, the file will be saved to the computer.
  7. All the details about Stag you can find in the help menu.

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