Dispose of the infected files use the WFP apps

Windows file protection (WFP) prevents programs to replace and delete important files on the application and operating system. WFP ensure the program does not overwrite a file that is harmful to the operating system. WFP is to protect the file system installed on Windows, but there are some malicious programs that can masquerade as one of the files protected by WFP. If the file is infected by WFP malware, he will be locked and you will not be able to remove it. dispose file appsIs there a solution if the file system is protected by WFP attacked by malware? Of course there is. You can use FilExile application that will delete files that are infected by malware. Here are some steps that must be done to remove the file:

  • Download FilExile in http://sourceforge.net/
  • Click the “browse” to select the files that are already infected with malware
  • Click on “enable logging” to ensure you can keep track of files you have deleted in your history by opening the log file
  • Click the “delete” to delete the file.

It is hoped in this way you can easily and safely delete the infected files and locked by the Windows operating system, where you do not need to restart and log off the computer. Filexile is an open source application that can be installed on multiple operating systems, like Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. However, before using the application you must consider several features of the hardware and software, is supported by the program or not.

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