Do You already use your credit card wisely ?

What Every Merchant Needs to Know about Payment GatewaysHaving a credit card does look more comfortable in the shop. Shopping online can be done quickly and does not require a lot of verification. You can just enter the card number and verification number on the back of your credit card then you are able to process transactions you make.

There are some things we need to consider in using a credit card, because if we do not control we can use entangled bill that could make you dizzy to pay plus interest accrued on a different vendor.

I got a lot a lot of information about tips and how to process credit cards in credit card processing blog. we learned about many things such as rates of their credit card vendor, how to use the EDC machine transactions, and a lot of useful tips for using our credit cards wisely.

Credit Card also can be use to make a transaction in the Internet. There are many e-commerce website offer payment module using credit card as the payment. If you want to create a business online you need to become a merchant at some credit card vendor such as Visa or Mastercard. Besides, there are some payment gateway that already support credit card as the payment module. The example is Paypal and I think this the most trustee payment gateway with some strict verification.


  1. Paypal is the safest online payment, because they give you protection for your purchase. However, merchants have to be careful. If the buyer asks for a charge back paypal will no longer protect the merchant. The buyer can end up with the money and the merchandise.

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