Do You Think that Blogging is Dying?

Blogging has been pretty mainstream for over five years now, In my personal opinion, I don’t think that blogging is dying at all. My belief is that too many people start a blog for the wrong reason, or misunderstand the work and commitment associated with blogging. I would say there are currently two primary reasons why most people start blogging:

1. Get Rich Quick — I’m not sure why this idea is out there, but there are a ton of people that believe that blogging will make your rich quick. There are of course a number of people that have made a lot of money from blogging, but most people who starting blogging now will need time to develop their blogging skills and develop readership before there are any monetary possibilities.
2. Personal Blog – This is closer in line with the original intention of blogging. People launch a personal blog where they can talk about whatever they want. Here are family pictures; these are my political opinions, and my favorite sports team won last night! These types of blogs don’t have any focus that would appeal to a large group of people, so they lack readership, which in turn discourages the blogger from putting time into their hobby

I also think the emergence of micro-blogging has had a strong influence on people leaving their blogs dormant. Things like tumblelogs, Twitter and Facebook status updates have become very popular, negating what blogging offered to some people. It’s much quicker and serves the same purpose for them.

What is the Future of Blogging?

This is always tough to gauge, so you kind of need to look at trends.

1. More User Interaction — The appeal of blogging has always the interaction that is possible with the author and other readers, making the site a conversation station. As bloggers continue to narrow their focus on smaller niches, the interaction seems to get better. If you look at what WordPress, is doing with the acquisitions, you can see how user interaction (improved comments, polls, BBPress, etc) seems to be their focus for the future of their platform.
2. Rise in Video Blogging — What this method lacks with SEO (search engine can’t index what is said in a video), it makes up for in personalization. Video posts can be created very quickly with mini-rants and I think readers enjoy video blog posts because they can actually see the author and hear the emotion in their voices. These types of sites can develop a strong following very quickly and don’t rely much on search engines to bring them traffic. Video blogging can also be integrated into a standard blog, giving people the best of both worlds.

I also believe we will continue to see fewer blogs in the traditional sense, meaning a standard website where the homepage displays a loop of the most recent posts. More than likely some sort of hybrid will emerge over the next couple years, which is a cross between a Content Management System (CMS) and a blog. What do you think? What is the future of blogging?



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