Dofollow backlinks effect on SEO

benefits do follow backlinkBefore going into the discussion of the influence of the link to the SEO, I will discuss in advance what it link? In the world of internet or web, link can be interpreted as a link in the form of text or hypertext to another page, document, or resource. In HTML, link represented by the element (anchor). Class ID link or links typically use HTML element “a” is equipped with “href” and other characters for additional functions such as “title”, “target”, and “class” or “id”. A link to a site from other sites is called an external link or often referred to as backlinks.

We believe a backlink is support for a site. Can be interpreted if we provide a link from site A to site B, means the site has provided a voice or support for the site B. The more backlinks from websites, then Google will give you confidence in the site, so google will place the site in the top position of search results. But besides backlinks are still many other factors referenced by google to put a site in their search results.

Additionally, Google will rank the web pages that have a lot of backlinks, and the rank is called “Google Pagerank“.
Backlink itself is divided into two modes, namely dofollow and nofollow.

Dofollow Backlink is open to be crawled by the spiders (search engine crawlers tool) so that spiders will follow where the link is fixed, while the nofollow backlink is a link that can not be covered in spider crawled. Using the right dofollow backlink, webmasters believe this will enhance the google pagerank and position in search engines.

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