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Do you like to read in books google services ( from google? Tired of desktop applications that often fails when going to download digital books from google books due to copyright restrictions?

In contrast to the release you downloaded Picasa photos, google books does not allow users to download books there. The solution is google books downloader app is a portable application that will not only download google books in PDF format, but allows you to change the page that you download into JPG format. Download the app on address. You can install the app on windows XP operating system, windows vista and windows 7. Time for you to download books from google books to google books downloader.

  1. Roaming services on google books, and you will find the book to download google books downloader app. Remember, google books downloader can only download books marked as full view.
  2. Click the link at the top of the interface, and copy the link in the paste link in email or IM. The trick, give highlights on the link, right click and select copy.
  3. Paste the link that you have to copy the URL google book form.
  4. Use the drop down menu the output format and resolution to specify the output file format and resolution.
  5. In the output folder, specify the location to save the converted files.
  6. Click start to run the conversion process. By default, the app will store the books you downloaded in PDF format, with a resolution of 1280 pixels.
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  1. I usually only use google search to read some books in google books even though it is not easy to access because the loading is quite heavy
    thanks for the information on this application. Later, I can install on my smartphone

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