Subishi is my 2 columns Free WordPress Themes, this theme first released (version 1.0) on 2007 and never updated. Until today I got an email from my visitor that said my Subishi Theme download has been broken.

Subishi 2 Screenshot
Subishi 2 Screenshot

So I started check this issues and began fix it and give a bonus. I rearrange and added new feature on Subishi 2.0.

This is what I’ve been changed on Subishi Theme

  • We change the width of Subishi design. We now using 940px width.
  • Added WP Navmenu (WordPress 3 and newer)
  • @font-face powered
  • Gravatar as Favicon and About Favicon
  • Threaded Comment with Gravatar
  • Custom WP-Caption more robust and sophicated layout
  • And many minor tweak and fixes

You can download Subishi 2.0 WordPress Theme on Subishi Theme Page

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