Download WordPress 2.9-RC1

WordPress 2.9-RC1 has been out, you can download and test it on your testing server or on your blog. WordPress 2.9 built in with many new features, all features will be more useful and better than WordPress 2.8 or less.


This day I got email message, that we can download WordPress 2.9-RC1 and test it, so if you are themes developer or plugin developer, you should tried WordPress 2.9-RC1 and test all of your plugins or themes, and you can made it more suitable for this version.

This is some new features that added on WordPress 2.9 that make me happy

  • Online Image Editing
  • Allow user registration to be enabled by an XMLRPC client
  • Add a title to the Home link output by wp_page_menu()
  • Admin copy improvements
  • Added ‘excerpt_more’ filter to wp_trim_excerpt() function, which allow developers to change excerpt ‘[…]’ more string
  • Add ‘smilies_src’ filter so plugins can better add smilies
  • Allow _wp_get_comment_list() to handle custom comment types
  • Release Video script

And many more new features. You can download WordPress 2.9-RC1

Get ready and happy playing with WordPress 2.9 😉

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