Encrypt Data

symmetric encryptionData security becomes important that the interests of the company information from being stolen or damaged. One way safety is commonly used to encrypt data (video, photos, documents, credit card information, etc.) by using security software. You can provide a password, hide data into an image or image file, or delete files in the Recycle bin safely. You also can enter the password using the virtual keyboard, so that your passwords more difficult to trace. This app can be installed on all windows operating system. Download the app at the following address: http://www.giantmatrix.com/products/aplus-folder-locker-free-edition/

You can also get pay her air version by downloading the following address:


Consider how to encrypt the data with A + Locker folder:

  1. Run the app installation, and then restart the computer. Interface app look pretty. On the left side of the interface, you will find the option Lockers, concealing the data, tolls, settings, and help. On the right side, you will find the summary, and the recently opened lockers.
  2. You must create a new locker. It’s easy, click create new lockers in the lockers, and then fill in the locker name, category, location and size. Click next.
  3. In the locker security window, check the Enable security locker. Use the drop-down menu to select different content encrypted algorithm.
  4. With the app, you can use a more difficult pattern crack. Patterns ask users to connect a wide range of data security as a key point.
  5. In the anti-hackers protection window, place a check in the Enable anti-hacking protection. Determine the margin of error to enter a password by using the drop-down menu if the password was entered incorrectly for.
  6. Click lockers manage to show the entire locker that you have created. You will be able to see the various categories of lockers ever made. [No locker info, you can see the free space and a locker room that has been used.
  7. Click to hide files and folders section concealing the data to hide the important file into an image. You will be asked to select the encryption algorithm, and fill in the password and confirm password.
  8. You can also completely delete files from your hard disk or a file shredder on the tools. Then drag the file you are going to destroy the app window, and click the shred.

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