Favorite iPhone Apps for Book Readers

So, you are Book Readers Fanatics? iPhone have a lot of apps for book readers fanatics, I will cover some apps that I hope you’ll like it. Please Note I’m not iPhone user, but my brother use it. So don’t complain on me about this apps bugs or problem 🙂

iPhone 4 Bumber
iPhone 4 Bumber


GoodReads is popular website for Book Fanatics, now iPhone Apps has ready. on GoodReads iPhone Apps Users can access their GoodReads.com online account to do all the things they would normally do at the website (explore your friend’s bookshelves, add status updates on the books you’re reading, etc.)
Cost: Free

Kindle App

This is Amazon Next Toys, You can read your Kindle Books without Kindle Gadget, This apps not only run on iPhone but also on Android and Blackberry. Using Kindle App, you can access to hundreds of free titles ranging from brand new ebooks to literary classics. If you don’t already have this app, you’re missing a brilliant opportunity to expand your world!

Local Books

If you’re a big fan of author events and book signings, this is the app to download. This apps is get the data from LybraryThing.com


This is the solution for book lover with minimum budget, using this app, you can search the best price on your favorite books.

That’s it, we hope iPhone Apps for Book Readers useful for you.

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