FIFA Online Beta is Live

The first thing to do when I arrived into my office is checking emails and I found an interesting news. Yes, that’s right FIFA Online Beta is Live. Actually FIFA Online Beta was live at May 26, 2010 and I’ve already sign-up about a month ago when it still closed beta. Now this FIFA Online Beta is the final beta release and open for everybody as soon as you register your account you can directly invite your friends to play in this game.

Up to this writing I haven’t tried it all because I wanted to share with you in every steps. In the website reportedly still has many bugs that will arise and will be repaired until the final version appears. However, since May 26, FIFA Online Beta has been launched for everyone and will continue to be a beta version until the next news. This was done because int the previous version,  we can only play Closed Beta version, which is we have specifically invited by FIFA-online and coincidentally I just registered and does not has the invitation.

By the way, this games was not much different from other online games. FIFA Online Beta can only run on Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and above and Internet Explorer version 7.0 and later in  Windows XP and IE 8. It’s required to install Addons in Firefox or Internet Explorer plugin to run this game online and then have to download an additional application of 9.5 MB. After that you need to patches the software and download 1GB from fifa-online.


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