File Manager Pictures, Reliably For Image Compression

filebrick file manager windows 8 app reviewTo perform compression with manual settings can be done via the settings option on the menu. File minimizes pictures to compress images. Thus, large image files so much smaller. There are a few things that make me feel happy with this software. First, the software is free and legal. To download and get more detailed information you can visit their website at In addition, this software supports all image formats. This software looks quite simple so easy to use.

In addition to a default to compress the image, we can also customize its compression results with a private setting. Compression process is very fast, so it saves time. Its use is easy, you just find the image to be compressed, right click the image (which would be compressed), click the minimize 2.x; wait until the process is complete. Can also block direct many pictures, right click, click minimize 2.x. maximum image can be blocked as many as 500 images. Right-click it can be done right because minimize file embedded in the context menu, making it easy for image compression.

Many Options Setting

There are many options that can be done with the manual settings on this software, such as determining whether the compressed file will be created or overwritten to file separate long. If you created a new file, automatically, the file name of the newly created name with frills minimize file. Additional names may be placed after or before its original name. What followed the format of the original image or adjusted by the program. For those who have an internet connection, automatic updates may be better because the software is free so do not be afraid blocked / blacklisted.

Posts Blurred

For the size of free software, pictures minimize file I highly recommend especially for computer users with reasons to save hard disk space. However, this software also has the disadvantage that in the image quality. For photos, compression results can be said to be very good for a novice user like me because almost no difference. However, existing compression for images I think is pretty bad writing. Such capture computer screen that says little, then the text is blurred. Even a novice user can see it clearly. Hopefully future versions 4 picture files can minimize attention to this. With the advantages and disadvantages in hers, for general users of this software is quite useful and I recommend because in general I think this software more useful, so it is very useful for image collectors in particular and computer user in general.

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