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Do you stay infront of your komputer all day, or you might use your gadget browse to the Internet ? Yes, I believed all of you must be have a Internet connection with any devices. This time I want to share with you about your local radio stations. You can hear Polk iSonic ES2 in the Internet and also if you use iTunes with an iPod you can make a iPod Tagging in your iPod, so you can organize your favorite radio online.

I like using iPod to hear music in everywhere and the only updated music is from radio. I like to play some other state radio. There are many kind of music and local information, especially when I’d like to have a trip, I always stay tune at local radio to have traffic information in there. That what I do with online radio, it’s so helping me when I’m not at home and thanks to iPod has great technology and beautiful gadget. So, what about you guys ?

Written by Andi Eko
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