First Octa Core processor from Qualcomm

Product octa -core processor smartphone with Qualcomm is likely to come to market this year. The existence of the smartphone was likely to occur because the Qualcomm has officially announced plans mass production of octa -core processors first, Snapdragon 615.

processor snap dragon

To produce the processor chip, the Qualcomm chose to cooperate with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company ( TMSC ). In the production process, TMSC will use 20nm technology. Snapdragon Processor 615 is also intended for the middle segment will reportedly going and will not increase the price of the smartphone.

In addition, octa -core processor 64 – bit processor Snapdragon 810 and 808 hexa -core Snapdragon will obtain similar announcements before the turn of the year. Unlike the Snapdragon 615, the second processor will be aimed at the high end.

Of course, with all the gadgets this product will be much faster and able to provide better performance, easy to use, and of course a combination of multi- platform software that can be guaranteed quality. Of multiple versions of hardware ever produced, this processor is still the best of several previous versions.

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