Fix Windows gradually using tweaking applications

Window is often problematic may be very disturbing your activities in using the computer. These conditions are frequently encountered even though some utility applications are installed inside the computer. It needs a few utilities that can provide maximum protection against existing applications on the computer. Besides being able to provide maximum protection, performance on existing Windows computers can also be maintained properly, especially if you frequently connect to the Internet. Some malware programs are not well anticipated to be one cause disruption of the existing system on the computer.

window repairOverall, more tweaking application is intended to keep some important files in a Windows operating system, such as registry, log files, username, password recovery, and some of the main features in the computer system you use. You can maximize the features available on some “tweaking” it through some changes in the script, such as for example by changing some registry values ​​through the facility. Usually some functions that are often changed by it caused by malware that goes through the Internet, thus indirectly interfere with the performance of the computer.

Meanwhile, if you want to protect your computer from some virus activity, you can do some settings in the firewall menu. You can adjust the desired value, whether it meets the security requirements of a network or not. Although it looks fairly easy to make the adjustment value, but less attention to the factor if the application used, then the firewall system will not function properly.

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