Flappy Bird Creator ready to Launch three New Games

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, the Flappy Bird creator, Dong Nguyen, long story about the success and effects of Flappy Bird game for her. He decided to pull the game from the Android and iOS because he was not able to handle the stresses and the attention that comes suddenly from various parties.

flappy bird game on android

But behind all of that he was also fortunate enough to have with the game he could get out of his work, buy a Mini Cooper, even to buy an apartment. All was not because the contribution of the millions of people who have downloaded the game before homemade take from circulation.

Dong Nguyen said that he is currently developing a sequel game of the Flappy Bird. He hopes this game can afford to pay for the recall of the fans disappointment with the game is the main character of a bird.

Interestingly, in addition to plans to release the sequel game, Nguyen will also release three new game. The first is a vertical game genre flyer named Kitty Jetpack, the next is a chess -themed action game called Checkonaut, and the latter is a cowboy -themed shooter game that is yet to be titled. The third game will still use the old strategy typical Nguyen is a simple graphical display, retro gameplay, and level of difficulty is very high.

In the interview, Dong Nguyen also stated that any person can easily make a simple game like Flappy Bird, but they still will not like it. This is evident from the number of clones Flappy Bird but no one seems achieve great success.

Now we should wait as to what the three new games that will be released by the developers of the Vietnamese national origin, whether Flappy Bird will be the same as or even far more exciting and challenging? Let’s wait on the game. 

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