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You know that, I am big fan of Ayumi Hamasaki is one of the most popular and influential Japanese pop singers, and is dubbed “The Empress of Pop”, So I decided to crafted this theme and dedicated to his. Of course if you find something wrong or something else just drop your contact or leave your comment in here or on my Ayumi theme page.

Download this theme on my Ayumi Theme page.


  1. Hello

    I like the theme Ayumi, but have noticed something strange, in Firefox at least.

    If you go to the main page, then navigate to a category, all the sidebar links work OK. If you then go to an article, the sidebar navigation stops working and the sidebar layout “shifts” within its boxes.

    Hope it is something simple.

    Best wishes and thanks.


    1. Thanks John Stevens.

      Can you tell me more detail, what’s “shifts” is and does this happen on each single post, or just on some post? if it happen only on some post. I think some post that break sidebar contain some miss code like


      And forget to place closed tags


      So will break the sidebar. Can you give me Online Demo about this problem?


  2. Nice theme, I like it :). I like all of it, especially the positioning of the sidebars but the pic of Ayumi is the best part lol 😛

    1. Hi Putera Emas,
      About footer problem I will fix it on next released, and about your second problem, it happen because your original image size is too big
      it’s about 1022px x 768px

      For make it better and match on the design, try to upload your image on max 500px width, or if you want to use original size, try to add parameters on your img properties like this.

      <img src='' alt='999999-hits.jpg' width="500" />

      To add this properties you need to edit this post on HTML mode.

      Thanks for using my free themes

  3. 🙂 It’s really nice theme. I like the layout, the positioning , not the Ayumi (hehe):”>
    And the pictute can be randomed.

  4. dougpolleisays:

    hello jauhari,
    nice theme. the theme breaks when you login to post comments or admin the site. the right columns dont show up. did you happen to have a fix for this. i would greatly appreciate it.

      1. Hello Jauhari,
        i am using Firefox for Mac. I downloaded and tested the new 1.1. The issue with the theme breaking upon viewing a individual entry happens on Firefox (PC) and (Mac). Anything above the footer in the columns does not function and it becomes centered. When you view an individual entry on IE for a PC the 2 right columns totally disappear.

  5. hi great theme, how can I edit the custom header from the original files as opposed to the built in wordpress option

  6. Hi, first and foremost, thank you for sharing your theme. I installed your theme in wordpress. When I installed your theme, I noticed that you automatically put a favicon attached to my hostname.

    How do I change or remove the favicon? Please I want to add my customized one.

  7. Hallo!
    I have choosen your theme because I really like il´s simple and clean style.
    After installing your theme your favIcon appeared and I´m not able to change or eliminate it. I have tried to install other themes, but I can´t get rid of your favicon. I must admit that I am really a bloody beginner. Can you give me some easy advice?

    Thank you very much! And compliments for your work

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