Free WordPress Themes: Padangan

Padangan Screenshoot 01

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The First 2008 Free WordPress Themes collection from me named Padangan. Padangan is a 3 columns, with double right sidebars. It  supports WordPress 2.1x and up, including WordPress 2.3.x.

Padangan has 970px width, 5 widgets and square ads ready.  Another feature is an extra footer informations such as last posts, last comments and popular posst. Padangan can be downloaded on the Padangan Page and it is released under Creative Commons License license.


  1. Thanks for this wonderful theme. I have been waiting for it.
    Please could you help me with this problem.

    My Blog name (osita Ibekwe) & tag (just thinking) does not display very well on IE but it does well in firefox.

    Many thanks.

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