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Today I read a gadget reviewer that claimed:

To be focuses on the products and news that are the most significant, useful, and/or cool so that visitors can quickly view the top gadgets and tech news without wading through pages of mediocre news.

Gadged Advisor Logo
Gadged Advisor Logo

At the first time, I saw some interesting gadget review like universal remote control, network media player, and online backup services. Those are interesting topics to me, and I think useful and cool yes I agree with, but significant :) I don’t see at this moment, but perhaps after reading almost all the archives if I have that much time to read it all :) I could be the significant product. However, all of those products reviewed it’s so subjective to choose which one is a significant product, so don’t follow my opinion, just let see and find out what’s in it and stay posted new gadget review to gadget advisor.



  1. I’m a big fan of gadget news or reviews sites. Being a blog writer myself I have grown to appreciate the Gadget Advisor for it’s reviews and articles on gadget and hardware. In the featured section one article that stands out in my mind is the Firefox Add-ons review. A must read for anyone who uses Firefox. The Gadget Advisor also did another one on Recommended software which another I feel is good reading.

  2. I love reading gadget reviews but, as you touched upon in your post, good reviews are hard to find!

    If your going to do them, make sure you cover all the points thoroughly and that it isn’t biased.

    I am looking forward to reading your reviews!

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