Galaxy Gear, the latest products from Samsung

Not only the presence of the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S5, but Samsung also seems to still have one other surprise. According to news circulating, the shock associated devices smart watches. The first version of the Samsung Galaxy Gear itself has been released some time ago and now the latest rumor circulating that this device will be updated to the latest version.

galaxy gear from samsung

Quoted from USA today, according to sources close to the developments, the latest Samsung Galaxy Gear will use Tizen rather than Android. It is estimated also that the operating system for Galaxy Gear will be HTML 5 version of Tizen and will attract web developers to create applications for Samsung’s watches.

Devices smart watches himself into a battleground of various brands. Samsung became one of the knights are ready to fight on the battlefield. Certainly interesting to see the movement of Samsung, will start away from Google’s Android devices or the use of the new Tizen will only be applied to smartphones.

In addition it was also mentioned that in addition to introducing a new version of the Galaxy Gear, Samsung also will release a version of HTML 5 Tizen. Various release is expected to take place Samsung at the Mobile World Congress or MWC 2015 end of February.

Samsung itself is one of the main supporters of Tizen, so it is quite reasonable if they want to encourage the adoption of the operating system for their various devices. MWC this year is likely to be a big event for Samsung, there are rumors about the release of the S5 Galaxy , Galaxy Gear and related Tizen. We wait for the greatness of these products to complement your gadget.


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