Gmail App began to be used through your iPhone

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Happy news again comes from Google, the company is as tireless in expanding its market reach. This time iPhone users and other iOS can be encouraged, this is because now Google apps have already been made ​​available for iOS like Google Voice and Google Maps.

Google Gmail
Google Gmail

According to TechCrunch’s MG Siegler the app has already been submitted to Apple for approval and launch could very soon, and the app is expected to bring all the features of Gmail to the iPhone and iOS devices.

Also expected on the new app is the use of a priority inbox and one click starring of messages. There is also some speculation that new features coming to the Android version of the app will find its way on the iOS variant such as contact icons, improved threading and “deep search functionality” according to the source. And we wouldn’t be surprised to find some Google+ features on the iOS app.

Wow, it can not wait to use Google’s applications products in my iPhone. Of course you can also start checking it at the original website.

Written by kaylee
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