Google buzz, try it and explore

2 days ago Google’s Gmail upgrade become a social networking site, to integrate services in the Google named Buzz into a Gmail, Google’s new service to compete with Facebook and Twitter. If we log-in to Gmail, it will appear Google.Buzz icon. For those of you who use Gmail email service account must have known it. But the question, whether the feature is able to defeat the two social networking sites that are already known by the public? We all no one knows.

Some features and services such as Buzz, such as update status, video sharing websites and links, where the information and the feature can be found on FaceBook and Twitter. Currently I’m trying to move to Google Buzz, because according to some users more secure system there. For those of you who are very familiar with a few social networking accounts would not be having much trouble to try some of Google’s applications Buzz surrounding it. Are you curious? Why not try it. Some features available in Google Buzz among others:

The first feature is Auto-following. This feature automatically builds their own network without the hassle you need to follow someone to connect to each other. Google Buzz will automatically connect you with people who used to chat or send an email using your Gmail account. Of course this means, only the people closest to you who can access your content, so you do not have to worry about comment spam will appear.

The second feature is the integration of Gmail itself. Gmail now are experiencing a lot of progress from time to time. Especially with the addition of Google’s features Buzz, it reportedly now has integrated Google Buzz with Picasa, Google Reader, Flickr and Twitter. In the future Google also wants to integrate with other Buzz again.

The third feature integrated inboxes and Buzz’s own items. Every conversation in Gmail groups and their comments will go into the inbox. Plus, the addition of the Recommended Buzz, which is the way content automation that might make you, interested or are popular among your friends.

The fourth feature is the concept of a combination of skills possessed by Facebook and Twitter, where we can do public and private sharing. From Twitter, Google adapted to be in the index that will be seen later on what topics are popular today. While from Facebook, Google adapted content can be sent addressed to certain people only you want to share.



  1. Just another copycat from Google. Probably they couldn’t buy the originals and they made their own Twitter. Why not, they are Google after all!

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