Google Glass Explore prepared Marketed

Still curious about the Google Glass and have $ 1,500 to be issued for a wearable gadgets of the future? Times lucky because apparently you do not need to wait to receive the invitation as OnePlus One. The reason I started this day open sale openly Google Glass.

google glass explorer

Since some time ago, actually there are signs Google Google Glass will begin marketing to a broader consumer. Having previously opened a store display at the event PGA’s Player Golf campionship, and on April 7, held a sales event called One Day Sale which can only be followed by users who have already signed up, this time Google officially invite anyone to buy Google Glass Explorer.

And yes, Google Glass Explorer is priced at U.S. $ 1500, which means about USD 16 million dollars. But apparently the price is considered quite affordable, the article is included in the package with Glass Frame or Shades. In the first batch earlier, U.S. $ 1,500 were assigned to the Google Glass Explorer does not include the frame and shade each purchased separately at a price of $ 225 and $ 150.

In addition, when considering the preparation process for the Google Wearable technology gadgets of the future, it seems the price of U.S. $ 1,500, including decent. As is known, the Google Glass Explorer has a variety of interesting features, such as playing video, record video and photos, and connect with Google Now. And remember, all of these technologies packaged only in a tiny glass are attached to the frame and glass shade eyes.

Currently, several variants of colors for the frame has been categorized as “Out of Stock” or end, as the frame color Titanium with Charcoal Glass. While other colors are still available. Please note, the color frame with matching glass color and also ear piece that is in the frame. With some empty stock indicates the number of users who are interested and have been hunting the Google Glass, or even Google is deliberately restricting production.

After all, you are not interested to pocket nearly USD 16 million for a wearable technology gadgets Google’s Glass? Or still want to wait until next time I lower the price?


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