Google Glass is the Best mobile Device for high Mobility

With the release of Google’s mobile device output, the Google Glass, the more enliven a wide variety of wearable gadgets with various advanced facilities. The shape of the device itself in the form of glasses that are not much different with glasses in general, but certainly for the features in it are also quite complete, like a mobile device, such as smartphones.

features of google glass

But the price is still expensive relative to the size of a mobile device, whether the device is going to succeed in the market? Currently there are many devices of this kind are to be found, and of course a product of several vendors who are experienced in producing smartphone, namely Samsung. With some of the more advanced features that are made​​, one can now enjoy some of the offerings only through a mobile facility glasses.

For now, Google Glass is still marketed in some places and you can not entirely met, maybe even your place. The news circulating mention that, the device is still doing some improvements, both in terms of hardware, software, and features that will be installed in it.

Likewise, the design of the Google Glass itself, it seemed quite ergonomic, form a small, simple, yet multifunctional, it looks like this is what makes Google Glass has added value when compared to similar devices.

Features that you can find on Google Glass is not complete as other mobile devices, but it seems enough to represent you who have high mobility, good for a means of entertainment, communications, and for other purposes.


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