Google has finally released a prototype of their Smart car

After producing a variety of smart gadgets, it seems Google does not want to stop there. With all the resources they have, finally, Google release a smart car prototype. I need to know is that this car will no steering and brakes also, all motion -controlled cars already use hardware and software owned by Google. In some of the trials that have been done some time ago, it seems like the smart car will not be marketed in the near future, it is because there are still many shortcomings to be improved.

google smart car concept

But that, after all the refinement process is complete, the plan is the smart car will be marketed in 2017. Given this smart car concept, it is expected that the number of accidents that often occur on the highway can be reduced. Referring to the source of the frequent accidents on the highway, it is the main cause of human error, so that the system is modern and has been applied to the smart car, the later levels and the number of accidents can be reduced.

One drawback of this car is still around the level of speed and accuracy of the software used in the car, so it still needs to be marketed in the near future. Some famous car manufacturers have also reportedly put interest in the concept, so that later the car will be increasingly provide comfort and safety when used.

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