Google reader Client for Windows 8

There are a lot of app that serves as a client of the service google reader which you can download. Some app using a slick interface, while the other focuses on the features. Modern reader is the Windows 8 app to manage and read all the feeds, without having to access the web browser.

You can choose a variety of themes, with an elegant interface and very nice. This app can you get for free and paid (for U.S. $ 2.99.) In the free version, you will see a lot of ads on the app you are currently using. You can install a modern reader app on Windows 8 operating system versions 32 – bit and 64 – bit.

Time for you to explore with the modern reader:

  1. Modem reader you can get in the store windows. The trick, open the search pane, and then type the name of the app. Windows 8 will instantly display all search results. Choose the modern reader in the store windows search results through a web browser, on:
  2. Modern reader interface consists of three main columns; all items are available once you follow the left side of the interface. At the center of the interface. Present all of the feeds you select items.
  3. Select feeds that are at the center of the interface, then on the right side of the interface, you will be able to read its contents.
  4. You can easily roll up the screen. All posts appear sharp and vibrant, making it easy for you to read the content.
  5. Right click on any area in the UI to bring up the options bar at the top and bottom. You will be able to find a number of navigation buttons , which add feeds , tag rename , hide nav , web view , mark unread , refresh , newest , and all . Click or tap on the web view to show all the feed content into format web pages directly on the app.
  6. App includes themes that you can choose: bubblegum , classic , and theme . Use the charm bar, then kill settings, and then click the settings once again.
  7. In the settings, you can change the text size, and sign out of the app.

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