Google Recruit Fashion Expert to promote their Products

Google employs a fashion expert Ivy Ross to build a better image for the smart glasses, Google Glass. The presence of Ross as reported by The Verge, is expected to change the public perception that Google Glass is a stylish device and can be used not only for technology enthusiasts.

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By doing so, I hope I can be accepted in the market that is more massive. Ross started working for Google last week. Ross previously worked under international fashion brands such as Calvin Klein, Swatch, Gap, Coach and many others. The presence of Ross followed Google step in introducing Glass to the fashion industry. Recently, I also had to put Glass on page 12 in the famous fashion magazine, Vogue.

Google displays images with a retro- futuristic Glass is very famous. In addition, Google has also been working closely with New York Fashion Week for Glass display in the cat walk.

So far Google’s new Glass market for buyers in the United States as part of the beta program. With prices still uncertain, of course, the presence of these products will give more options for gadget lovers, especially wearable gadgets.

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