Google+ Releases the Business Pages for Companies

Speaking of the social network are endless. There’s always something new to be preached. In this month, Google has officially released Google+ Pages for a select few companies, organizations and celebrities.

Google Plus Page
Google Plus Page

These are what people originally called Google Busines pages, as companies wanted to create Google+ accounts for their business similar to Facebook fan pages.

With this new release businesses are able to create pages that are very similar to profiles that allow people the accept into their circles. Businesses are not able to send messages to any circle they choose. Google pages must be accepted into a circle by users to be able to post messages and engage in conversations. This will help prevent spammers from ruining legitimate channels of information.

Google pages is an excellent way for businesses to connect with potential consumers, or customers that they have dealt with in the past. This will be a strong tool to add to any organizations SEO campaign. Google+ is a hot topic that has a lot of buzz surrounding its development. The more interest that is created, the more popular the network will become.

Google is moving towards an internet model that stresses authorship. They want to be able to associate content with a writer or business. The days of anonymous posts and articles is slowing falling behind us. Google pages is a great way to build an early foundation as a quality source of information within your industry. It is no secret that Google is now taking social interaction into account with their search results.

Google also adding Google pages to search results is going to do wonders for many businesses that create their pages quickly. Being the first company in your industry to start a Google page can allow you to rank for relevant keywords just from the Google+ profile.

Google really hopes this update to their social network will encourage more people to join. The pages are a nice addition, but they don’t really offer anything better than what Facebook is already providing. This could be the downfall of Google+ as many social networking addicts are reluctant to switch from a platform they are comfortable with.

Feel free to follow to the Google Plus page creation site. I hope this post will help you.


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