GrabBox Share your screenshot through web

GrabBox can make you share your screenshot through the web easier. This application is a simple to use and you can directly uploaded into DropBox Public folder and provides you with a tiny URL. You will always have local copy in your harddrive, so you can manage while you’re offline. Every time your OSX built-in screenshot tools taking a shot, it will automatically transfer those picture into screenshot folder and put it in public folder at DropBox and it will send you a message a link using Growl short URL. After that, you can send those link using email, twitter, or other social media.

Available Download GrabBox 1.1.5.



  1. This is a really useful blog and a very helpful post.

    I’m always amazed at Apple’s half-measures. They give us a great screenshot utility, then don’t think it all the way through and make it *really* user-friendly and useful — like this cool lil app!

    GrabBox looks really, really cool. :-D

    This is sorta like Evernote but for screenshots, and I can see how helpful it would be to anybody who deals with screen images quite a bit.

    Another helpful note: if you’re not aware of (and hopefully using) Skitch, check it out! It’s become an indispensable part of my online toolkit. It’s practically the Swiss Army Knife of graphics apps!

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