Gusty Gibbon Most Wanted Features

After running Microsoft for a while I tried new Operating System and I choose Ubuntu. I was used Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) for a while and I really love with it. For browsing, edit some xhtml with Scite is superb. So what’s next? Then I found next released of Ubuntu 7.10 (currently name Gusty Gibbon) Tribe 5(alpha version), and I download it from some mirror servers in Indonesia.

Then I burn it in some blank CD then began install on my Office PC. Done! then explore what happen in the next released. And in the first time, I really appreciated with Gusty Gibbon. This is some list why I love Gusty Gibbon.

Three Features Most Wanted in Gusty Gibbon

  • Graphical configuration tool for X

    You can now configure what driver you want to use for your graphic card, set up dual monitors, change the default resolution for all users or change your monitor’s refresh rate without having to turn to the terminal. A new GUI has been added making it trivial to adjust your video and monitor settings.

  • New Features for Firefox

    Ubufox ships two new, hot Ubuntu Firefox features – Apt-Enabled Plugin Finder Wizard and Extension Manager integration.

  • New Printing System

    A lot of effort has gone into the printing system. Ubuntu now creates a virtual “PDF printer” by default, which you can use to generate PDF files from all applications that do not have native PDF output support, like GIMP, Firefox, and other non-Gnome applications.

    The old, unmaintained gnome-cups-manager has been replaced with system-config-printer, a printer management application from Fedora. We now have a well maintained piece of software, and good collaboration with Tim Waugh, assisted by Till Kamppeter who has been doing an amazing job, and has made big improvements on it.

Please notes, this is not the final version. I think when final version was released (October 18th, 2007) Gusty Gibbon will be more perfect ;)



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