Honda Makes Car Charger Devices Wirelessly

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The following issues surrounding battery infrastructure remains a challenge that can not be resolved properly to support electric cars. The experts also continue to strive to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of charging the battery.

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Honda recently introduced innovation through a battery charging devices without wires (wireless) that can be applied to electric cars. As is known, a new wireless charging current is conventionally applied to charge the battery on a smartphone.

Quoted from autoevolution, this concept has actually been invented by Nikola Tesla in 1891, but this is the first time such technology is realized. The battery charging device mengguanakan induction coil to create an electromagnetic field. Induction coil is placed on the car and the battery charging device.

So far this technology is still in the research. The system was developed with the help of the WiTricity Corp., uses magnetic resonance to distribute power mengguankan certain frequency. The system is claimed to be very well still be able to function even when the two induction coils in the car and charging devices are not in the perfect position.

At present, the output power range of 2.2 kW, 1 kW lower than normal battery charging device. However, Honda is optimistic that the output power can be increased and could hit the market in 2016. How do you think we’ll wait for the product if it already exists on the market.

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