How appropriate promotional Use twitter?

Twitter social networking has become a phenomenon. Since its emergence has been able to attract attention. Even today the promotion using the twitter phenomenon was already not unusual. Even being a more integral part in the business world. Excess twitter for promotion because of direct reciprocity when it happens too. But to do promotion using twitter also should be appropriate to no avail. Well, there are several ways to use twitter right promotion can be done, such as:

twitter for promote products

Self Promotion Through Twitter account
Whatever owned businesses either goods or services and certain activities are promoted through their own account. The business account or personal account. However, this means that the account already has a lot of followers. Yet to have a lot of followers would require a long time. For a business account would require a lot of followers that if used for promotion. And to increase the number of followers in a short time also requires specific strategies, with a record of not using certain applications but truly original followers.

Through friends Twitter account 
This can be done with a record, the number followers much. Better if more than 500 even more than a thousand numbers. In addition it should fit the target market. Followers thousands but it is not clear who would followers also vain. The advantages of using the services of a friend is much easier and convenient.

Using the Buzzer Self Service Platform and Advertisers 
It could be a solution if it does not have a friend who could be a buzzer. One such platform is You can join them as an advertiser or advertisers. So it is easier to find the buzzer suit our target market sales. Start of services, goods, certain events and so on. The concept is the same as when it joined the PPC advertising platform.

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