How Fecebooker are you ?

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Facebook is one of many social networking site in the Internet and I do have an account within. What’s in your mind when you saw the Facebook at the first time ? My personal opinion it was not so interesting when there are no games in this facebook and you can see the techradar opinion.

facebookFor me games and making friends within is the most important in facebook. The other function still explored right now but I do like games at facebook because it didn’t need huge Internet connection and also doesn’t need good graphic accelerator, it’s not like MMORPG.

What’s your opinion about the Facebook and how usefull facebook is for your life, write in this comments.

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12 Replies to “How Fecebooker are you ?”

  1. I don’t wanna to join with facebook…or like that’s because…just blogging like thisd, to make up time to end of the rest….Huhhh cappe dah!

  2. FB is ok for a quick catch up with a friend but its not as good or as forfilling as a proper face to face catch up.
    and also you have the knowledge that everything you write everyone else can see, and it gets very near stalker like the way some people approach it. that’s just my opinion..tq:)

  3. weird topics but nice blog.. Hehehe.. Jauhari actually my first impression is how i can make money using the FB like FS / MySpace.. I’ve created a lot of things to boom my income for the traffic but i’m a loser..

    Hope you can get what i mean..

    The first impressions about Facebook is about Money!!:-\”

  4. Personally, I really don’t like FaceBook, or it’s earlier counterpart, MySpace. They introduce you to the weirdest people you’ll ever meet –some of which turn out to be related to you.

  5. :) <= this is my face , i’m still learning about facebook, many people join on this community, do you know what does make any people interest on sign up face book?

    maybe I will considerate to sign up too…nice info

  6. hello jauhari..i think facebook is too formal n too bored.. (juz my kind opinion).. bcoz i’ve already MySpace n Friendster..

    Meanwhile, i know that Facebook is nice target market about Business.. But i still can’t understand more about Facebook…

    :) Juz my 2 cent opinion :)

  7. I am interested in signing up for an account when I visit it for the first time. Game is not important feature to me but a desire to reunite the separated bones was my main reason in joining facebook.

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