How it VPS Hosting Works?

windows reseller hosting appsAt the beginning of the internet where there is only one way to run your online business is by renting a server called integrated or Dedicated Server. Dedicated Servers cost to use very expensive and usually is not used entirely server so was born the so-called Shared Hosting. Where Dedicated Server can rent out part of his hosting for other users.

However, shared hosting has a few drawbacks which the performance between one web hosting can affect the performance of others. For example, if a website is visited by too many internet users to cause the server is down then it will be perceived by other web hosting users are sharing the same server hosting.

VPS Hosting is where an alternative choice for those who want to use the hosting a more stable and more reliable than the Shared Hosting. By using software called a hypervisor, Dedicated Server is divided into multiple Virtual Machines that are smaller, and this is called VPS Hosting. Each virtual machine is a stand-alone and do not influence each other so that your website can certainly run more consistently.

Advantages of Using VPS Hosting

With the growing popularity of VPS Hosting, and more businesses are choosing launched their website with a virtualization-based services, the following are the major benefits gained when you choose a VPS Hosting.

More Stable
As mentioned just above, VPS Hosting characteristic that stands alone and is not affected by the performance of other hosting users make sure that you run a website you will not experience slow access occurs suddenly without you knowing why.

More Affordable
VPS Hosting is of course more affordable because the cost is not as big as you need to pay charges if you rent a Dedicated Server. This of course can make you become more keep spending without sacrificing the high level of stability for your website.

Data stored on VPS Hosting is more secure because you have a personal partition, unlike Shared Hosting which only provides a thin boundary between your data and the data of other hosting users.

More Free and Controlled
With VPS Hosting freely determine what operating system you want to use in it, you are free to restart or anything that suits your convenience.

Those were the things you need to know about VPS Hosting. VPS Hosting course selection should be well adapted to the level you need. If you do not need all the advantages of a VPS Hosting, you can always choose Shared Hosting or Dedicated Server and also choose if you need all the advantages of VPS Hosting on a much larger scale.


  1. I have never used a VPS hosting because the price is too high when compared to shared hosting
    maybe later, if need hosting better than shared hosting I will use VPS hosting

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