How many memory capacity for best performance on your Mac?

One of the requirements that must be met for Mac performance can work optimal is adequate hardware support. Unlike the hardware specs that you often find on the PC, with high-specification hardware support is a must if you want to get the maximum performance of the Mac. As a minimum standard for hardware that needs attention, one of which is memory capacity. The technology used in memory devices is also different, where the application is used already using DDR with the latest version, although some time ago we could still use some memory capacity with standard specifications.

upgrade mac memoryWhat is the memory capacity necessary for us to really get the maximum performance for a Mac? Although there is no definitive reference on the capacity required, but most users of Mac to use at least 2 GB of memory capacity with the latest DDR technology. In addition, to support maximum performance to be more, you can combine with some other hardware, such as processor, hard disk, VGA, and other applications.

Usually a fairly large memory capacity will feel the benefits when you use multiple applications simultaneously, such as movies, images editing, video streaming, and some applications that require high-speed rendering. In addition to memory capacity, you should also pay attention to the brand of memory itself, whether famous enough or not.


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