How Network Monitoring Services Can Save $1.7 Billion a Year

In these lean times every dollar of revenue counts, as does every dollar spent to safeguard those revenues. Can you afford to lose $1.7 billion a year? Of course not. But that’s how much network outages cost U.S. businesses on average each year.

Network Monitoring Services
Network Monitoring Services

According to a recent survey from CDW, 97 percent of business owners said they suffered detrimental effects due to a network outage. This includes a loss of productivity, loss of customer or employee communications, and even a complete business shutdown. To avoid falling victim to these outages, your business needs proactive, staffed network monitoring services that will ensure your servers and critical applications are watched 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. iGLASS Networks can make that happen.

For small businesses, server uptime is crucial, especially if your competition is just a click away and a notch or two below you in Google results. If you’re running an e-commerce website and your network goes down, or applications aren’t running, that means shopping carts will be abandoned and credit cards won’t process. Web server monitoring services can change that, but you don’t have to bring in a whole IT department to make that happen. iGLASS Networks will monitor your network performance 24/7, take appropriate action when a problem occurs and won’t wake you up in the middle of the night with false alarms.

Larger companies have larger needs. Your organic and M&A growth likely have resulted in distributed networks, hundreds of devices and applications and downtime is simply no longer an option. You may be running several data centers, VMware or extensive cloud-based networks. Outages cost you big money. They cost you headaches. They cost you sleep. And who can afford any of those things? With iGLASS’ remote monitoring services, you don’t have to. You focus on your business; we’ll focus on your network.

For cable and telecom companies, downtime means angry or lost customers. How many times have you, as a subscriber, called because your cable went out during a game or favorite show or your Internet died just as you were sending that important email or downloading a file? It’s frustrating, but it can be avoided. iGLASS provides triple-play and HFC network monitoring services, as well as Video on Demand and Commercial Services monitoring, so when an outage occurs or performance is suffering, you’ll know about it before the customer can find your number.

Outages happen, but you can decrease the time your network is down with the right outsourced NOC services partner. Reclaim your share of that $1.7 billion in outages with iGLASS Networks.

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