How to Adding Twitter into Facebook

If you include people who are active in two social networking sites are most popular today (Facebook and Twitter), but have limited time to perform the update’s a similar post in both this site, then using this Twitter application problem can be overcome.

Twitter Widget
Twitter Widget

Here are the steps taken to add the Twitter application into your Facebook profi le:

  • Sign in to your Twitter account.
  • Point your browser to the address http://twitter/badges to display the widget page. Click the Facebook logo.
  • Click continue, Twitter application for Facebook will appear.
  • Click Install Twitter in Facebook.
Twitter in Facebook
Twitter in Facebook
  • Enter the e-mail address and password to your Facebook account, then click Login.
  • After logging into Facebook, click Allow, Facebook will ask you to log into your Twitter account. Click Login.
  • You will be brought in on the Twitter page through your Facebook account. Interesting, is not it?
  • If you want the application to this Twitter update your Facebook status on your account, click Allow Twitter to Update Your Facebook Status. If the application configuration Twitter asks you, click Allow Status Update. Thank’s for your attention, i hope this will help.

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