How to Backup WordPress Blog Directly To Dropbox Account

dropbox apps for wpWordPress has become a CMS platform used by many bloggers from around the world to build a blog or website. The number of features available in WordPress, and high flexibility makes it easy to develop and optimization in accordance with the wishes of each person. Besides ease of use WordPress also makes it preferred by many bloggers, because in just minutes with a few steps we can create a blog and start to write the article. 

In addition to “treat” a blog by way of diligent writing content or articles, there are other things that must be considered to maintain the existence of the blog that we build. Doing backups is one very important thing to do. By doing backups then we will have a backup file if a problem occurs when the blog.

It could be our blog under attack from hackers that deletes all the files on our blog, so the blog update error into error and takes a long time to fix, or at worst an error and resulting file hosting our blog could not be accessed at all. Here is seen the importance of doing backups of all files making up the blogs that we have.

Within each hosting control panel is already a feature to make file backup blog, and then we can download. But if you have an internet connection at a speed that is low enough, it will take a long time to do so. It could be the backup files are stored on the server hosting, hosting but can also be problematic and cause we cannot access the file. To avoid this we need to do a backup alternative to other places, such as the cloud storage such as Dropbox.

To backup your WordPress blog directly into your Dropbox account is fairly easy process, consider the following steps:

  • Go to WP Admin blog then go to the Plugins menu.
  • Select “Add New” and click “Search”. Then enter the keyword “backup to dropbox”.
  • After that will come the plugin in question and click “Install”.
  • After installing the plugin “WordPress Backup to Dropbox” done, then you have to activate it by selecting “Activate”. Then go to the Settings menu plugin and click “Authorize” to link the plugin with WordPress Backup to Dropbox Dropbox account you have.
  • Then you will be asked to enter your email and password Dropbox account and press “Sign in”. Then select “Allow” to allow the plugin is connected to the Dropbox account and select “Continue” on the display appear in the plugin settings page WordPress Backup to Dropbox.
  • After that you can set all the parameters to determine the frequency of automatic backups to be performed by the plugin and directly stored in your Dropbox account.


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