How to build a hotspot from a PC?

wifi hotspot creatorAd hoc hotspot has a weakness, which is only able to connect one computer to another computer. And if you’re looking for a WiFi network with a Blackberry, the hotspot will not be legible. If you want to create a more sophisticated virtual WiFi, you can use a WiFi hotspot creator. WiFi hotspot creator is a virtual application to build WiFi hotspot and sharing the Internet connection on a computer to other devices, like notebook, cell phones, and tablet PCs.

Application usage is also quite simple and does not need the settings menu on the network and sharing center as in other applications. If you want to try this application, here are some steps that should be done, such as:

  • Open the browser, and then download the application from / get / Network-Tools / Misc-Networking-Tools / WiFi HotSpot-Creator.shtml.
  • Run the installer file you just downloaded. Follow the wizard that appears until the installation is complete.
  • After the process, run of HotSpot WiFi Creator icon on the desktop or start menu.
  • In the “Name”, enter the network name you want.
  • Enter the WiFi password you want to use. To create a password, it takes at least characters as much as 8 digits.
  • On the NIC, select the source of internet access do you have to be shared to other computers.
  • After completing the setting, you just click the Start button, and the application is ready for use.

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