How to Change Default Icon on your USB DISK

This chapter I’ll show you how to change default/standar your USB DISK icon with you own design Icon or some icons from another world πŸ˜‰ and what we need it in this chapter?

The Software
– Notepad or vim or other text editor for edit autorun.inf
Adobe Photoshop or other icon designer.
– If you using photoshop you will need this plugins, this Adobe Photoshop plugins will export you image to .ICO ready.

Let get started

  • One:
    Open your notepad/vim/etc and write down this simple code


    Then save you work to you USB DISK and give name of that file autorun.inf

  • Two: [skip this if you have own icon]
    • Open you Adobe Photoshop and make some New File with this size 128 x 128px, 72 x 72px, 48 x 48px, 32x 32px or just 16x16px.
      Make Icon With Photoshop
    • Make nicely design icon like this πŸ˜€
      My USB Icon
    • Save As to your USB DISK on root directory and give name of you icon, Before you save select extension .ICO (Windows Icon)
  • Three:
    If you have icon ready just copy you icon to your USB DISK folder, and don’t forget to make you icon name same as in the autorun config icon name.

Unplug you usb disk then plug in again, and this my Result

USB Icon

Hola…. You was successfully change you default icon.


  1. Hey that was cool! … i want to ask that is there any way to make an
    “autorun” file for the usb ?? πŸ˜•

  2. #11
    Cara apanya? khan udah jelas? trus maksudnya Kotak doang :-/
    Coba aja Mas andri cari file *.ico dulu trus di autorun.inf larikan ke file *.ico itu. tapi ingat file itu harus di taruh di USB Disk juga

  3. kalo file yang mau di autoran tipenya .exe gimana?????
    misalnya kita punya file opening bertipe .exe mau di buat autoran saat flash disk konek.ada yang tau gak caranya. thank’s be4……….

  4. :d/:o autorun terhapus otomatis oleh anti virus saat plug usb disk, bakalan gagal n gak bisa jadi tuh bro…

    πŸ˜• ada cara lain gak?

  5. its not working.
    please help me.
    this error occurring
    “can not create autorun.inf file make sure file name or path”
    i was giving everything right.
    please help me.

  6. Phil Niddriesays:

    Hi Jauhari,

    I have been searching for some time with help for this problem. It is not about icons, but able USB drive labels. I am running Windows 7. I have seven USB Drives. When I got them initially, I gave them each a different name/label. When I check in MyComputer under Disk Management, the names are still there. However, recently, the names on five of them changed to Local Disk(*),( a different alphabetical letter for each). This has something to do with the USB antivirus programs which I ran. At that time, I believe there was an infection and an Autorun object was placed in the root of each. I’m not sure whether they were files or folders because when I deleted them they showed up in the Recycle Bin as folders with 0 bytes. I had a lot of trouble deleting them from the Recycle Bin(no permissions) but eventually they all disappeared.
    At the same time as I was doing this, the labels changed as I said. I tried changing them in Disk Properties, but to no avail. The name(s) would just change back to Local Disc x…I tried creating an autorun.inf file to change the label, but when I attempted to save the file or even move it into the root drive, I was told I didn’t have permission to do this. I tried changing the permissions for the folder to give me full control, but that still didn’t allow the autorun.inf file to be place in the root drive.
    Would you have any idea how I can change things so that I can rename each of my drives so they correctly show up in Windows Explorer?

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