How to Change the Twitter layout to become more attractive

This time, I teach you how to make changes to the layout of your Twitter account in order to become more attractive.


Of course we wanted it to attract visitors and off boredom on the view our Twitter account.

If you feel bored with the default view of the Twitter account you have, or want a better reflection of you, might be worth trying the following tips:

  1. Navigate your site to In the middle of the page, there are two options, “Sign With Twitter” and “Use Without Sign In”. If you want to directly apply it to your Twitter account, click Sign In With Twitter.
  2. After a while, you will be prompted to enter a username or e-mail address and password of your Twitter account. After filling, click Allow. Here, we will grant access to the site on our Twitter account.
  3. freetwitterdesigner - Sign In
    freetwitterdesigner - Sign In
  4. Now, time to start to customize to our Twitter account. You can choose themes that are already available or it could be to define it later. After determining a theme, click the Let’s get started.
  5. freetwitterdesigner - Choose layout
  6. Now, you’re on the editing page layout of your Twitter account. You can add pictures, text, shape, and some other settings through the panels on the right editing window. After doing customize, it’s time to apply it on our Twitter account. Click the Generate Image.
  7. freetwitterdesigner - Click on Generate Image
    freetwitterdesigner - Click on Generate Image
  8. Once the process is complete, click the Export button to Twitter.
  9. freetwitterdesigner - Generate Image
    freetwitterdesigner - Generate Image
  10. Once exported, we will be able to confirm that the themes we’ve had a Twitter account updated results. Now, click the Take Me to Twitter for see the results.
  11. freetwitterdesigner - Take Me to Twitter
    freetwitterdesigner - Take Me to Twitter
  12. You still feel dissatisfied? You can return to the site to customize again. The following figure is the result of the changes.


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