How to choose a Free game safe?

Freemium games or games that can be played for free is one industry that is currently popular. Even the type of game Free to Play (FTP) is thought to be the savior of the gaming industry because it provides another alternative for gamers.

free games

There are also gamers who love it and hate it. The first group has a larger amount, while the second group is usually gamers who play games online. You could say, freemium games can be a very sensitive topic. Then, if the game is a freemium game types good or bad? To be sure, highly profitable freemium games.

Three game maker, like King, Supercell, and collective Gungho Online reported revenues of U.S. $ 4.4 million or approximately USD 52, 5 billion in 2013. Similarly, as quoted by the Guardian. Not only that, the top games that topped the Apple app store App Store and Google Play Store, dominated by freemium games. Minecraft is the only game that is able to pay perched in row 50 most popular games.

Even so, many people who criticize free game designed for monetization business only, not for fun. Even the industry is also a lot that did the trick by playing psychological gamers through in-game cash system in online games or in-app purchase on mobile games.

The system is indirectly telling gamers to purchase digital content in order to unlock new game levels, buy virtual currency or virtual goods in games, do subscription, and special items are provided in the game. By doing so, the gamer who loves games he played, inevitably required to pay to complete the game.


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