How to choose an Attractive domain name?

Sometimes choosing a domain name could create a headache for the people who will create a website. Interesting website domain name can give a big impact to the continuity of your online business. So, what should we look at when choosing a domain name for? Check out tips on how to choose a domain name follows that I get from various sources on the internet, plus personal experience of course.

how to choose the right domain name

A good domain name should be remembered. But choose a memorable name that would be easier for people to remember your site. We recommend that caused the firm impression and represent the business you run. Avoid difficult and the words are hard to read.

Twenty characters is the maximum. It would be better if only ten. Because domain names are long and complicated will make it difficult for other people, and will be more difficult to remember.

Right extension
There are several domain extensions available, . com for commercial entities, .net for network providers, .org for institutions, .edu for educational institutions, and .mil for military agencies. But if I may suggest, the .com extension by far remains the most memorable and most widely used.

Easy spelled
Domain names are hard- spelled will complicate you and your customers. Use common term or word. And if not possible, at least use your company name or brand.

A good domain name it should be descriptive. Because it will be easier for visitors and customers to associate your domain name with your business.

Not using the symbol
Yes, you should not create domain names that contain numbers or hyphens. Because of the tendency of people when going to type the domain name of a website, usually articulated all without hyphens. If it had, the domain name should not be too long.


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