Choosing Domain Name For Your Website

Yesterday I had a conversation with Jauhari about choosing domain name. The domain I pursued is already bought by other and will be expired in 2010 πŸ™ . Therefore I have to find other domain that is meet with my requirements.

SEOMoz has 12 rules to choose the right domain name for your brand new website, here is for the resume:

  1. Brainstorm 5 Top Keywords
  2. Make the Domain Unique
  3. Only Choose Dot-Com Available Domains
  4. Make it Easy to Type
  5. Make it Easy to Remember
  6. Keep the Name as Short as Possible
  7. Create and Fulfill Expectations
  8. Avoid Copyright Infringement
  9. Set Yourself Apart with a Brand
  10. Reject Hyphens and Numbers
  11. Don’t Follow the Latest Trends
  12. Use an Ajax Domain Selection Tool

In the other side Problogger writes about choosing brandable domain name or keyword rich domain name.

Because I do not have much money to pay advertising to promote my brand to get traffics, I decide to use keyword rich domain name to get visitors referred by search engine. The web is still under development. I will do a research after the domain and the website available on the net and share the result with you.

Meanwhile, would you please share your reason on choosing domain name? It will be a nice topic.



  1. I pretty much have all these down except for ‘.com’ and rejecting hyphens. But honestly, ‘’ just doesn’t look as nice as ‘’ :d

  2. 12 nice suggestions. I’ve got one more: Make it easy to spell. A URL like “” — magic as it sounds — would be more trouble than it’s worth. This is related to the URL being easy to transcribe from spoken word to spelled word. Like, if someone hears the URL, will they know it’s “” and not “” or “”?

    P.L. Frederick (Small & Big)

  3. I have more easiest way to boost the traffic tralala that was by SEO software, it become more effective and much easy just single click than your domain will register to more than 100 search engine worldwide.

  4. Good post.

    For our domain, we picked TheBrewClub Can you guess what my site is? We review beers.

    The better names are often taken already, and a lot of times you can do “pretty good” with a domain name, not perfect. Certainly, it’s a lot easier to get ahead if the tips above are followed, but if not, all is not lost!

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