How To Choosing Web Hosting

pickaweb logoI’d like to share about how to choose the best web hosting. We need to be selected choosing web hosting because we put all our files and web database in there. OK, here’s some tips from me to share with you.

  • Company Location
    Web hosting provider should has office address, and other legality thing to support them. Try using whois to check the web hosting provider domain.
  • Prices
    I’m sure you like the lowest price right ;) So, choose the best and reasonable price. Compare with other company and it must be fair, you have to compare the same facility for the price compariton.
  • Features and facility
    Like as I say before, comparative the price including all the features and facility and what the important for you website, not only for now but for 5 to 10 years later. Maybe some company give you many features that you might not needed so it’ useless, so pick carefully and fit it with the prices.
  • Don’t read the testimonial
    I think all they wrote about the testimonial were only in good side, so ignored it to read this testimonies articles, but you might need to read review from other blogs.
  • Customer Support
    This option is really needed, because nobodies perfect. They claim that they were online 24 hours a day and 7 days a week but when we’ve got a problems need to contact the customer support and they have to be ready all the time.
  • Security and Quality of the server
    Read carefully about their server specification and if you didn’t understand try to find other opinion for all those specification.
  • Asking
    Try to ask your friend or other to recommended the best web hosting provider with good customer support and other thing that I’ve wrote above.

Final word, pick the perfect web hosting for your website.

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  1. Good tips, and is always good to remember that “best service” and “lowest price” never come together. A friend of mine had his site down with merely 3000 uniques a day.

  2. Yes, that’s true. If I want an information on something, I always want to get it from the first hand. I would contact the ones who are directly involved with the matters I’d like to know. I don’t want to get wrong infos from the wrong parties……

  3. Good point Jauhari, it really is true. You have to read other blogs for an objective review. I noticed carmax for example, allows people to post their reviews of various car. However it appears that it does not publish bad reviews on its site. Only the good ones get approved for posting.

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