How to control another computer using Google chrome?

Remotely control the computer usually requires a special application. But now you can do it directly from Google Chrome extension use the Chrome Remote Desktop. Extension can take advantage of Google chrome browser as a remote control. The thing to remember is required internet connection is adequate and stable in order to run a Google remote desktop application. Chrome extensions remote desktop is already compatible with Chrome version found on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and OS Chrome. To use this application is also very simple. Here are some steps you can do, such as:

remote desktop

  • Press the button; it will display some confirmation of access. You can create a code by pressing the “share this computer”. The code can be inserted in another computer so that you can control the computer as you wish.
remote desktop

The existence of remote desktop applications is typically used to monitor computer activity through other facilities, such as mobile devices, or smartphone, especially for children using the internet. This application also you can use to find out whether a computer is being used or not.

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